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This past week at the University of California, Irvine, all the members of Grand Text Auto descended on the Beall Center for an exhibition of their work and a symposium. How does a blog become an exhibit? Quite easily, as the artist/critics of that widely read blog presented works from their variegated repertoire.
Included […]

When Michael Joyce made his now infamous retreat from electronic literature, he encountered an artist who had another system of wiring words together. Or rather, she encountered him through the cosmic machinations of a search bar. Her name is Alexandra Grant, and with her recent artist Focus series at the Museum of Contemporary […]

Ben Franklin Bot

(See video of chatbot Ben Franklin’s Ghost in action)
You walk up to the oversized book at the front of a curious glassed in stage, something of a cross between a puppet theater and a mausoleum. It’s the tricentennial of Ben Franklin’s birth and you haven’t seen any sign of him yet. On closer […]

Split Screen Banquet

I was shown this site about a year ago and have been enamoured with it ever since. It is a repository of split-screen imagery from film, TV and installation art. Here is the way James Seo described his blog when he started it in July 2005:
Split Screen is a weblog dedicated to the art of the split screen and other […]

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