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We’ve spoken a couple of times about SPAM: the inspiring texts used in SPAM and how we read them differently to bots and another about a site that collects entertianing examples of email spam. Well, zefrank has a work called ‘request’ (2004) which is a dramatisation of a spam email. Very funny when the words are […]

WRT Codes

I just updated our Winksite feed and noticed we’ve had 477 views of our mobile-friendly site and are rated 3 stars from 152 voters! To share the joy, we thought we’d add some more mobile goodies. Here are our barcodes, that your phone can read, that take you straight to our mobile site. For those who don’t use codes, […]

Ernest Adams’ talk, Interactive Narratives Revisited: Ten Years of Research, given at the 2005 Game Developer’s Conference is now available as a podcast at GDCRadio. Listen to the lecture and read along with the transcript Adams’ has put online, where he links to papers he cites. Here is the blurb of the GDC talk:
In 1995 […]

?For those lucky to be in the UK mid June there is an exhibition worth catching: e-motive: Visual Poetry in the Digital Age. The exhibition ‘is the first UK exhibition of computer-generated visual poetry’ with the following artists from around the globe: Jim Andrews, Giselle Beiguelman, Ladislao Pablo Gyori, Eduardo Kac, Robert Kendall, Mar?a Menc?a, […]

There are some histories of new media around,?such as Stuart Moulthrop’s?Subjective Chronology of Cybertext, Hypertext and Electronic Writing; and D. DaCosta’s Influences, which juxtaposes some key technological points in time with installation, video and performance art; and how about the long-overdue Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology??But I haven’t seen a timeline that lists […]