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In my ongoing readings in digital art, I commonly ask myself “what does this have to do with text?” For many provocative pieces the immediate answer is “Nothing! but….” Generally, these fall into two categories: designs which aren’t text-focused, but could easily could be; and innovative techniques which are strongly image-centered but suggestive of parallel […]

World Usability Day

Why on earth would be need a World Usability Day, I mean the only thing people have to remember is to make links that work, yeah? ;) Good stuff.

IF Audiogaming

The recent post on ifbyphone discussed the technique of making interactive text available as interactive audio. How does this media-shifting affect the experience?

There is a long-standing connection between the IF community and blind/visually impared gaming or audiogaming. While not all IF is accessible, the vast majority can be used by a visually impared gamer […]

Run Online

Locative Arts (where a game is played with people running through the streets, rigged with PDAs, GPS and phones, usually with online players as well) have been big for a few years now. I missed the last Blast Theory event that happened in Oz last year and so am keen not to miss another one. […]

Ifbyphone, LLC, as their name implies, allows you to play interactive fiction by phone.
However this is not through enabling your cellphone as a device that runs an IF interpreter, but rather through an interactive voice service. The parser text is read out-loud to you via text-to-speech, and your voice commands are sent back to […]