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Announcing a new Wordpress plugin: Academic Citations!
The plugin automatically generates citations at the foot of every blog post in five common formats: AMA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA. It is well documented and installation is simple: upload and activate the plugin, insert a line into your template, and add optional CSS to your stylesheet. Try […]

(This begins another of the Great Debates on WRT.)?
Previous debates: Frustration, Hamlet, Intelligent Design.
What is the?place of?digital character art (and computers in general) in the composition classroom????
Many of us who research new media and games also end up in in the composition classroom, teaching English 101.? Our temptation is to go straight to the computer […]

(This is the first of a collection of profiles of New Media programs around the globe. If you would like to contribute a profile of a program, even your own, please send it to Mark Marino. Use the format below as a template.)

Uni with a view (nearby).
Photo: Marino
University of Hawai’i–Manoa
Location: Oahu, Hawai’i, USA
Type: University
Undergraduates: 14,481
Graduates: […]

Flowchart Photography

The Need for Answers, uploaded by zachstern
Another example of flowchart art, this time with background photography.
Here, an explanation for the brightness of the sun flows down a photo of an ocean sunset, with the scientific response continually subdividing the explanation into a further “because”, while the religious response constantly terminates the remainder with a final […]

Archived articles on WRT now include a citation in the footer, formatted in both MLA style and Harvard style. This is an experiment I coded in a few minutes using Wordpress template tags, then added to the Single Post template page. Next steps might include making a switchable display that supported more formats […]