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On Tuesday, May 9, UCLA and?the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored an afternoon conference entitled “Girls?’n’ Gaming,”?focussing on “where girls and women are in gamers and what they want.”? The conference followed a workshop: “Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives on Gender, Games and Computing.”? Below are notes from?the first?of the three panels.?
(Rough notes)
Of […]

What is a botmaster?
If you turned today to a simple Google search for “botmaster” you might find three answers:

A bot author or creator - someone who programs with AIML or on Pandorabots (results 1, 2)
An individual who is responsible for and/or maintains a bot - as per a computer jargon dictionary (result 3)
A computer criminal […]

(This begins another of the Great Debates on WRT.)?
Previous debates: Frustration, Hamlet, Intelligent Design.
What is the?place of?digital character art (and computers in general) in the composition classroom????
Many of us who research new media and games also end up in in the composition classroom, teaching English 101.? Our temptation is to go straight to the computer […]

Speak Softly, uploaded by SF buckaroo
This image is from the California high-desert bacchanal Burning Man, during which Mark G. circulated Automated Hobo, a sound-harvesting experiment using cheap tape recorders and hand-written instructions.
I purchase cheap tape recorders at thrift stores and wherever, load them with batteries and blank tape, and write instructions on the outside that […]

A Telstar Logistics Celluploaded by jurvetson
According to the owner, “this TLC is a territory-softening Syn-Ack ‘air cover’ node for the Telstar interventional-photography troupe and their urban assault vehicles”… which roughly translated means that the mass of wires and circuit-boards in the picture is actually a collection of stage props (kitchen mixer, periscope, VHS deck, equalizer) […]