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Application deadlines for Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2009 are coming up!

Paper proposals to tracks (such as the Software / Platform Studies Track) are due by May 1.
Proposals for VaRiEtY Night presentations and Electronic Literary Arts Performances are due by May 15th.

Check the DAC 2009 call for details on all tracks, presentations and performances, and […]

Attendees of the Chicago 2007 MLA conference are invited to join Mark and Jeremy on Fri. Dec 28 as they participate in the poster session/exhibition “Electronic Literature: Reading, Writing, Navigating”, as well as Jeremy’s presentation on the panel “New Reading Interfaces”. If you’d like to stop by and say hi during the conference, our […]

We Rotten Tomatoes

It was nearly three years ago that Mark Marino, Jeremy Douglass and Christy Dena started this blog. As we spoke about in our post for Reconstruction, Mark and Jeremy already knew each other in California, but Christy was in Australia, unaware of her blogmates-to-be. For two and a half years since WRT’s launch, we have […]

After a month or so of busying ourselves in the offline world, WRT can now return to our virtual lives. Our blogging fingers refreshed and our computers rehabbed, we hereby resume our regularly scheduled blogging activities. We have got a long cue of issues all itching for their slot time in the RSS feed.
At […]

On the Polyphonic Method
A couple of months ago Micheal Benton approached us at Writer Response Theory to participate in the Reconstructions issue on blogging. We’re Really Thrilled about the idea — who wouldn’t want to blog about blogging?! But when the time came to write, we three researchers kept weaving in and out of approaches. Should we have a single voice? That is always a good approach, but a collaborative document isn’t written with a single voice in the first draft. It begins as a mixture of voices that synergise and become one (either with poetic ease or a crow-bar). We haven’t reached that chorus point yet. Don’t know if we ever will. And, to be frank, we like the idea of pulling back the curtain and revealing what a collaborative-text-in-formation looks like. Indeed, it is emblematic of our collaborative blogging at WRT.

So, why do we blog…together?

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