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Please distribute the following call?to places you think appropriate:
Needed: Academics who have investigated Alternate Reality Games
I’m writing a section on ARGs and Academia for the upcoming International Game Developers Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group (IGDA?ARG SIG) whitepaper. I???m after approaches from all fields using all sorts of methodologies, and by researchers at different […]

Speak Softly, uploaded by SF buckaroo
This image is from the California high-desert bacchanal Burning Man, during which Mark G. circulated Automated Hobo, a sound-harvesting experiment using cheap tape recorders and hand-written instructions.
I purchase cheap tape recorders at thrift stores and wherever, load them with batteries and blank tape, and write instructions on the outside that […]

Bot Colloquium PPTs Online

The Colloquium on Conversational Systems, a botmaster get-together I’ve mentioned before has been run. The powerpoints of the presentations have been put online by the Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey.

The Legal Machines Project is trying to create artificial intelligence agents to aid the legal profession. This recently garnered media attention when a law firm announced it would be using such an agent to provide legal resources online next year.
Digital text aficionados may be familiar with the past work of project member Selmer Bringsjord, director […]

The mechanical Turk (discussed here earlier) was an 18th-century chess-playing automaton - although behind the clockwork was actually a man hiding in a box. The public was fascinated by an automated approach to a mechanistic but incredibly complex problem (the rules of chess). While a hoax, the Turk was an effective one in […]