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QR Code Blog is a blog whose text is both about and published as QR Code - a 2d barcode format which is becoming quite popular with the new generation of Japanese cameraphones. Like ROT13 (a simple letter substitution scheme which encodes “secrets” as “frpergf”) the effect on the blog isn’t so much encryption […]

The New York Times is launching additions to its Business Day section on Monday May 16th. The press release details how it will include new media:
On Mondays, Business Day will focus on media and marketing news, with technology included as it relates to those industries. David Carr will write a column on new media; the […]

I’ve met an awful lot of female chatbots out there.


Pygmalion’s shadow stretches over these bots and others, and gender play lives on in the DNA of Turing’s Test’s progeny.
Oh, and not to mention a few notable men:


To be a chatbot (or to perform human conversation) seems to require gendering. But this aspect of the […]

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