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Constrained Clicking

We’ve discussed the various possible forms of constrained writing many times here, so why not ‘constrained clicking’? I was referred to a blog collective, TruthBeauty, from a out-of-the-ways town in Australia, Wagga Wagga, and discovered a post by ‘casey’ about a great wikipedia game. Here is the post reblogged here:

over the school holidays my dear son Zach […]

In the world of tag metadata - folksonomies, fauxonomies, etc. - there are a few high-profile services and a million up-and-coming. Flickr photos, bookmarks, and Technorati blog posts all use tags to turbo-charge their useful output, increase community involvement, and simplify third party APIs. Many pieces of digital text art in the […]

LiveJournal Haiku Meme

not reliant upon
other players unless you choose
to be. i used
The LiveJournal Haiku Meme is a haiku generator with a twist - it is created out of recombinant text drawn from a particular blog. The technique for creating a haiku transforms the text using the following steps:
Blog: RSS: Markov Chain: Syllable Counter: Haiku
Once the LiveJournal […]

Meta Blog Art

Christy’s previous post on Linkoln and Olsen’s new Blog Art project (in particular, the question of whether or not it was the first blog exhibition of blog art) got me thinking about the function of ‘meta’ relationships in blog-art.
How do we describe examples of blog-art (art made with blogs), and what if anything is […]

I’ve seen blogs that are used to deliver blog fiction, and I’ve seen blogs that discuss art, but I haven’t seen blogs that display art. I think this would have to be the first exhibition of blog art, the first exhibition on a blog (?) and the first exhibition of blog art on a blog: […]