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Turing Tested

In “Making the Right Identification in the Turing Test,” Saul Traiger of Occidental College argues that the Turing Test is a much more robust test than chatterbox challengers seem to think. Pretending to converse successfully is not the same as using conversation as a measure of ability.
Traiger will be speaking at UCR on Wed. […]

Mondo 2000

On a used book table in the French Market, I picked up a copy of Mondo 2000’s User’s Guide, published back in 1992 when most of us still needed to learn what a link was, and I discovered a kind of rebellious innocence. This was like finding a promotional brochure to the house of the […]

This short essay by Martha Baer is old and claims the narrative has it’s home in a book. However, she makes some interesting points about what is a ‘natural’ narrative for each medium.
When I wrote my novel for the Web, I was taken with the notion of time, the implications of withholding from my reader, […]