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We’ve spoken a couple of times about┬áSPAM: the inspiring texts used in SPAM and how we read them differently to bots and another about a site that collects entertianing examples of email spam. Well, zefrank has a work called ‘request’ (2004) which is a dramatisation of a spam email. Very funny when the words are […]

Hypertext literature?is ready for a new?tool and it’s name is Literatronica.

When a digital artwork, game, or story exists in many forms across many hardware and software systems, what is the ‘real’ work, and do we experience it differently?
Right now I’m thinking about that ur-interactive fiction, Adventure (a.k.a. ADVENT, Colossal Cave Adventure, etc.) - which through its complex history has been both massively cross-platform and massively […]

We’ve mentioned other examples of books that are remediated online, like the Wanted microsite comic with rich media games I posted about, Jeremy’s post about the Puma catalogue, and the Lycette Bros. work. Here are a couple of non-fiction remediated books to add to the mix:

NXTbook Media’s 2006 Streaming Media Sourcebook
NXTbook Media “optimize” print for […]

Many readers of this blog would be familiar with the poem generator:?Gnoetry. It is, basically, a computer program with which a human collaborates to create new poems out of a pool of texts. It is a form of constrained writing and an experiment in human-computer collaboration.?It has been described and labeled in many ways, such?as […]