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Scott of Baboon Palace has an interesting article on Blog Fiction, largely comparing it to IF. Before getting into it, it should be noted that his tongue may be a bit in-cheek - it seems typical of his grumpy schtick that, while posting an article called “Blog Fiction” on a service called “Blogger” his first […]

Studio Troika has developed the SMS Guerilla Projector - a portable projector with output wired to the screen display of a cellphone. SMS text messages sent to the cellphone appear on the projection, which can be used on walls, street signs, vehicles and pedestrians as a kind of graffiti ephemera.
While I was expecting the trailer […]

News from ARGN that an ARG (Alternate Reality Game), Jamie Kane, is currently being beta-tested. The game starts with the death of a popstar. The gameplay involves players interacting with characters through a forum, emails, phone and messenger. The character conversations through messenger are AI. I’ve signed up for the beta-test and have had a […]


Scarface Interaction at E3

Pistos, author of chatterbot Mathetes (ne GeoBot) has proposed the eponymous Pistos Test - a challenge to chatterbot developers worldwide to develop bots capable of prostheletizing.

The Pistos Test

If a robot converts or aids in the conversion of a human being from one religion, faith or belief system to another, it has passed the Pistos Test.

The […]