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WRT interview with Chris Crawford: well-known game industry critic and interactive storytelling evangelist. Yes, that’s right. We’ve interviewed Chris and it is a podcast!
Chris Crawford has been pursuing the design of new worlds using new media for two decades. He wrote The Art of Computer Game Design whilst leading the games research group at Atari. […]

Bob Norris, administrator of the Bot Central forum, has renewed a monthly competition for producers of chatbots: The World Chatterbot Competition. This is the first monthly competition for conversational agents (that I’m aware of ), but surely not the first competition for chatbots or even other forms of elit.

We’ve mentioned other examples of books that are remediated online, like the Wanted microsite comic with rich media games I posted about, Jeremy’s post about the Puma catalogue, and the Lycette Bros. work. Here are a couple of non-fiction remediated books to add to the mix:

NXTbook Media’s 2006 Streaming Media Sourcebook
NXTbook Media “optimize” print for […]

(I will convert the Computers and Composition post into a pedagogical resources page on our sidebar. This post is the first in a series of excercises that use computers in composition. I haven’t been able to locate any sites that consolidate computer-centered exercises specifically for essay composition. Although this exercise primarily revolves around MS Word, the ones that follow will employ a number of Digital Character Art devices. Writers Respond Teacherly with your own exercises and we’ll add them to the database).

The Second First Person

Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin’s Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media is due out in November 2006, but a preview of the table of contents is now available.
The anthology will feature two works by WRT authors: “Enlightening Interactive Fiction: Andrew Plotkin’s Shade,” by Jeremy Douglass, and “12 Easy Lessons to Better […]