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Of Games and Hamlet

(This post returns to an exchange between Jeremy and Mark Bernstein from this past summer.  Below are resources for a course discussions of Hamlet and interactive works For this in-class installment of WRT we are joined by the fine English students of the Archer school).
First, the debate. Can Hamlet be adapted into an electronic interactive form?
To […]

Digital Lightwriting

where am i anyway, uploaded by James McAuslan

who am i anyway, uploaded by James McAuslan
I’ve followed lightwriting photography ever since discovering the art of Ken Wronkiewicz last fall. While the messages featured in most lightwriting photos are handwritten rather than computer generated, they are no less impressive for it - as in this series of […]

Try It, uploaded by _william
Take a moment to watch this very brief animated poem, a gif file which reads “towards a new poeTry - Try It”… the full version is available on _william’s Flickr account.
What genre are linear animated digital text sequences? Are they essentially analogous to film? The text and layer effects in this […]

Behold: part of the dust jacket of Nick Montfort’s monograph on IF, “Twisty Little Passages,” as rendered by the HTML Convert.

Now, my question: is this ASCII art?

A good first answer would seem to be “yes and no,” and I’ll go ahead and indicate that using a similar technique to the one above:


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