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Hypertext literature?is ready for a new?tool and it’s name is Literatronica.

For a while now I’ve subscribed to various online sources of words on skin images, and recently I also found Darren Barefoot’s collection of observations on Textual Tattoos. The following are some thoughts about words-on-skin - thinking towards (as usual) digital-words-on-skin.

When people think of words-on-skin, they generally think of tattoos. Examples of plain-text (or reasonably […]

What are the digital art forms that use plain text? One of the most common examples is ASCII art - using arrangements of characters to create images. Another is artful computer code, including quines (which generate their own source code as output) and artfully obfuscated code which stretches the limits of how source […]

A year ago, we discussed the idea of QR Code and unreadable digital text - and this spring, we began work on a QR-based project that uses the unreadability to retell a classic cryptographic mystery. Here is another aesthetic experiment in unreadable encoding - a poem often accused of illegibility, rendered in columns of […]

Try It, uploaded by _william
Take a moment to watch this very brief animated poem, a gif file which reads “towards a new poeTry - Try It”… the full version is available on _william’s Flickr account.
What genre are linear animated digital text sequences? Are they essentially analogous to film? The text and layer effects in this […]