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Split Screen Banquet

I was shown this site about a year ago and have been enamoured with it ever since. It is a repository of split-screen imagery from film, TV and installation art. Here is the way James Seo described his blog when he started it in July 2005:
Split Screen is a weblog dedicated to the art of the split screen and other […]

I have to confess I’m moonlighting in another world. I’ve started working in the virtual world Second Life as an “embedded journalist”. SLATE Magazine (Second Life Arts & Total Entertainment Magazine) is a new Second Life magazine that covers the arts in SL. There are 14 authors in the collective so far and we’re a […]

Constrained Clicking

We’ve discussed the various possible forms of constrained writing many times here, so why not ‘constrained clicking’? I was referred to a blog collective, TruthBeauty, from a out-of-the-ways town in Australia, Wagga Wagga, and discovered a post by ‘casey’ about a great wikipedia game. Here is the post reblogged here:

over the school holidays my dear son Zach […]


We’ve spoken a couple of times about SPAM: the inspiring texts used in SPAM and how we read them differently to bots and another about a site that collects entertaining examples of email spam. Well, zefrank has a work called ‘request’ (2004) which is a dramatisation of a spam email. Very funny when the words […]

WRT Codes

I just updated our Winksite feed and noticed we’ve had 477 views of our mobile-friendly site and are rated 3 stars from 152 voters! To share the joy, we thought we’d add some more mobile goodies. Here are our barcodes, that your phone can read, that take you straight to our mobile site. For those who don’t use codes, […]

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