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“ridcat” is a project that visualizes political speeches “from literary imagery to actual imagery,” producing a cloud of iconic photographs. The transformation is fascinating both in its products and through its process - a psychotherapy technique called Regression Imagery Analysis. WRT interviewed creator Neil Kandalgaonkar.
WRT: When did you develop ridcat, and when was it first […]

A year ago, we discussed the idea of QR Code and unreadable digital text - and this spring, we began work on a QR-based project that uses the unreadability to retell a classic cryptographic mystery. Here is another aesthetic experiment in unreadable encoding - a poem often accused of illegibility, rendered in columns of […]

Many readers of this blog would be familiar with the poem generator:?Gnoetry. It is, basically, a computer program with which a human collaborates to create new poems out of a pool of texts. It is a form of constrained writing and an experiment in human-computer collaboration.?It has been described and labeled in many ways, such?as […]

In quantum physics, there is the idea of alternate and contending realities. The famous hypothetical?of Schrodinger’s Cat (see?also this wonderful animation by?Adam Duncan?of this problem being contemplated by robots)?explores the idea : imagine a cat in a box. Is?the cat?alive or dead? Quantum physics says that both possiblities exist, because the movement of light-waves points […]

cent milles milliards de po?mesuploaded by mjutabor
In Raymond Queneau’s combinatoric sonnet, “Cent milles milliards de po?mes,” 10 sonnets of 14 lines each are cut in strips. By selecting strips the reader can create 10^14 recombinations, which, as the title says, is 100,000,000,000,000 possible poems. But one can arrive at 10^14 poems by many […]