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Saw this Error Message Generator on Drew Davidson’s blog and couldn’t help but create some popups that a user / interactor / operator / reader / vuser / viuser / wreader / player etc may come across:

These aren’t too far off the actual experience… wanna add one?


This is a fictional story written by Chris Johnson that has the Alicebot program and programmers in it. A pdf sample is available online, though a paperback is only $16 at CafePress where and a CD will be soon be too. Here is the synopsis from Chris’ site, which also has a forum to discuss […]

Welcome to Bot Blog

Welcome to Bot Blog. As an intro I’ll explain my interest and involvement in bots. I started working on a novel a few years ago and through serendipity came across a software program called Alicebot. It was there that I discovered how I could extend my novel. So now I’m working on the novel and […]


Also, I just picked up: “Agent Culture” eds. Sabine Payr and Robert Trappl.” I’m hoping it contains something beyond talking Turks.
I’m noticing a trend of exotic bots.


I’m trying to find the original transcripts of ELIZA, the context and text from which the printed conversation in Weizenbaum’s 1966 article was drawn.
But where to look? I’m open to suggestions.