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Star Wars: Episode III

Episode III the game and character change

Four Letters or Less

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity In Words of Four Letters or Less is exactly what it says. The essay discusses the ideas of Al (Albert Einstein) in contrast to those of Izzy (Isaac Newton) and of Ari (Aristotle).

Get in a car and step on the gas — you feel a pull back into your seat. […]

AI-Tech (”Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology”) recently reviewed us as a “siti interessanti” (the site is Italian) - reading their review made me realize that the word “character” in our mission statement is ambiguous.

While I was reading the AI-Tech review of WRT I noticed they had a wikipedia link to “Digital Character Art,” which actually […]


Review of “lifeline” for Ps2

This is not entirely within the scope of this blog but I’m hoping my fellow blogsters could assist with some information. I’m after software — preferably free and easy to learn — to use in teaching Interactive Entertainment. Here is a list I’ve got so far:

3D Worlds
Active Worlds: 3D software
Animation and Interaction
Free VR backgrounds (urban)
Processing: […]