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TNT has launced a “micro-site” for the US TV series Wanted. On the site are 2 interactive comics which are the most interesting I have seen in a while. They mix ‘old media’ styles with new ones. For instance, the pages are turned (which we’ve discussed before), the hand-drawn cells are read/viewed, but then […]

The writing collective Millenium uses SubEthaEdit collaborative software.

A collaborative sentence was started way back in 1994 by Douglas Davis. The sentence has grown since then and in 2000 there were about 200,000 entries in many languages. There is only one rule for input: no period at the end of a post. People have entered symbols, stories, ASCII art, links to other […]

Playing Easy to Get

The Kingdom of Loathing (KoL) is a a freeware game that is a text and stick-figure adventure game. It was brought out by Zack Johnson and Josh Nite of Asymmetric Publications. The game has been in a beta-test for the last couple of years but was officially launched on 9th June […]

If you don’t already know about them, ARGs (alternate reality gaming) are huge. They are ‘games’ that traverse reality by delivering events through realistic websites, actors, faxes, phone calls and so on, over months. Some puppet-masters (people who create and orchestrate these games) are presenting at the ARGfest NYC: The Art of the Game […]