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Hypertext literature?is ready for a new?tool and it’s name is Literatronica.

This April 22, CHI 2006 hosted the second annual “Abuse” workshop on interaction gone bad. Last year, the theme was “The Darker Side of Human-Computer Interaction.” This year’s theme: “Misuse and Abuse of Interactive Technologies.” The first workshop was chaired by Antonella de Angeli, Sheryl Brahnam, and Peter Wallis, and they were joined in organizing […]

A Telstar Logistics Celluploaded by jurvetson
According to the owner, “this TLC is a territory-softening Syn-Ack ‘air cover’ node for the Telstar interventional-photography troupe and their urban assault vehicles”… which roughly translated means that the mass of wires and circuit-boards in the picture is actually a collection of stage props (kitchen mixer, periscope, VHS deck, equalizer) […]

IF and the Subtitle

You can learn a lot about an interactive fiction from the subtitle.
The subtitle has been with IF since almost the beginning, starting with Infocom’s decision to split Crowther and Wood’s “Adventure” into three parts with corresponding episode names: “Zork I: The Great Underground Empire,” “Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz,” and “Zork III: The Dungeon […]

I’ve seen blogs that are used to deliver blog fiction, and I’ve seen blogs that discuss art, but I haven’t seen blogs that display art. I think this would have to be the first exhibition of blog art, the first exhibition on a blog (?) and the first exhibition of blog art on a blog: […]