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Speak Softly, uploaded by SF buckaroo
This image is from the California high-desert bacchanal Burning Man, during which Mark G. circulated Automated Hobo, a sound-harvesting experiment using cheap tape recorders and hand-written instructions.
I purchase cheap tape recorders at thrift stores and wherever, load them with batteries and blank tape, and write instructions on the outside that […]

trier-marx3, uploaded by danielsp
Just for fun: an electronic version of “Das Capital,” from the Marx birthplace museum in Trier, Germany.
It is amazing how material an electronic version can be - monumental, even. The heavy frame of the design and the monolithic black title plate seem to weigh down the electrons, to keep them from flying […]

Alpha, uploaded by mark(s)elliott
mark(s)elliot’s photoset “Art” contains many photos of paintings… and also a small collection of simple pixelated graphics that have the distinct appearance of being born digital - perhaps in Illustrator or Photoshop, perhaps in Microsoft Paint.
The ‘aesthetic’ is quick and dirty - stark fonts, primary colors, and clip art, sans gradients, sans […]

Theorist Games

by Christy Dena and Jeremy Douglass
This is not a post about “serious games”, “edutainment” or “conceptual art”, it is post for the child in all?theorists - or perhaps the theorist in all children.
David Gauntlett?has created theorist action figures for Anthony Giddens?and Michel Foucault:
Keenly aware of the fluidity of social identities, this 6.5″ Michel Foucault waves […]

A Telstar Logistics Celluploaded by jurvetson
According to the owner, “this TLC is a territory-softening Syn-Ack ‘air cover’ node for the Telstar interventional-photography troupe and their urban assault vehicles”… which roughly translated means that the mass of wires and circuit-boards in the picture is actually a collection of stage props (kitchen mixer, periscope, VHS deck, equalizer) […]