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flickr Magazine Cover

Flickr Magazine Cover (not “Covr”) allows users to create their own magazine cover art by combining an image with a standard layout and fill-in-the-blank text. The simple composition of striped color filters is designed to work on top of most photos, while the MadLibs-style approach imitates elements of contemporary print magazine covers including headlines, […]

Strip Creator

Strip Creator is web-based comic strip authorware which streamlines the process through a method of handling word balloons combined with a library of character icons.
Unlike the recently reviewed Strip Generator, however, Creator emphasizes highly structured dialog rather than free-form composition with images. Each panel can have up to two characters in it, facing in […]

Strip Generator

The Strip Generator is web-based comic strip authorware. It can be used to arrange original dialog in frames alongside a library of character and object icons. It requires no login, and every composition is immediately available for viewing on submission to the database.
Strip Generator provides a stock art library mechanism and a method of […]

I’ve seen blogs that are used to deliver blog fiction, and I’ve seen blogs that discuss art, but I haven’t seen blogs that display art. I think this would have to be the first exhibition of blog art, the first exhibition on a blog (?) and the first exhibition of blog art on a blog: […]

Mobile Art

Anita Bacic is running a collaborative SMS exhibition: 160 characters.
I???m asking people around the world to send me a text message that includes a line or a fragment from their favourite nursery rhyme or childhood song that was associated with a game. These messages will be exhibited as part of a multimedia installation […]

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