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TextQuake as Breakdown

Yet another variation on the TextQuake concept.

untitled game by jodi (2002) is an artistic exxperiment with Quake 1 source code and text output. It has the following category entry from the Selectparks Archive:
12 quake 1 mods. untitled-game mutates the semiotics of navigational perception, abstracting original game ontology. controls for mobility, enemy identification, narrative cognition, reward […]

Anarchy Online

If you want to venture into online gaming, you can still check out Anarchy Online for free. Funcom is extending its offer of free download and free basic play up until at least Jan 2007 because it has signed up more in-game advertising. Massive Inc. will be supplying audio and video advertisements for Panasonic and […]

Two Character-Art Cats

Like the differences between emoticons and kaomoji, there is a distinction between ASCII art and Shift_JIS art.
A promotional music video featuring a character-art cat recently aired in Japan to some controversy. The issue? The cat, “Noma Neko,” was derivative of piece of character-art, “Mona,” the mascot of 2channel,* the biggest internet discussion board […]

Chatbot Survey Deadline

Reminder: The Chatbot Survey will only be available until October 15.

The Ludologist recently hosted an approving discussion of Greg Costikyan’s complaint on the lack on an indie aesthetic in gaming. My reaction to Costikyan’s Escapist article was a little different, although it focused on the same quote:
in gaming, we have no indie aesthetic, no group of people (of any size at least) who […]

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