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Recently WRT received a great question that made us think - “Is fictocriticism the same as writer response theory?” Our response might be interesting to other groups engaging in mixed creative/critical projects.
“Fictocriticism” is a writing practice characterized by a mix of critical and fictive language, including
“self reflexivity, the fragment, intertextuality, the bending of narrative boundaries, […]


Like lightwriting and waterwriting, and I’d like to consider a new category of (digital) text art - biowriting.
I’m proposing “biowriting” as a term for symbolic inscription in bioart.
What is bioart? Bioart is art which uses living biological organisms as material components. This definition encompasses biomasses of all sizes, from individual bonsai to complex arrangements of […]

And now for something a little less digital….

Following on the recommendation of Mary Flanagan, I recently finished reading “The Young Turtle Asymmetries,” a performance poem in five parts, composed by Jackson Mac Low and published 1970.
“The Young Turtle Asymmetries” is a layer-cake of multimedia dependence and constraint. The origin of the text is found poetry […]

LiveJournal Haiku Meme

not reliant upon
other players unless you choose
to be. i used
The LiveJournal Haiku Meme is a haiku generator with a twist - it is created out of recombinant text drawn from a particular blog. The technique for creating a haiku transforms the text using the following steps:
Blog: RSS: Markov Chain: Syllable Counter: Haiku
Once the LiveJournal […]

IRC Quote Database is home to the QDB (Quote Database) - a huge compendium of (generally humorous) quotes from IRC chat logs. Some are unintentionally funny moments, some are staged encounters, some are ancient jokes and punchlines that happened to be recited across a text interface.
For those not familiar with IRC (internet relay chat), it is the […]