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This past week at the University of California, Irvine, all the members of Grand Text Auto descended on the Beall Center for an exhibition of their work and a symposium. How does a blog become an exhibit? Quite easily, as the artist/critics of that widely read blog presented works from their variegated repertoire.
Included […]

The world of chatbots still thrives today because of its user-creators. Whether made by kids who dream of making their computer talk even in print statements or adults who enjoy playing with programming toys, the chatbot is a means of evoking a conversation with your computer. Consequently, there may always be a market […]

We Rotten Tomatoes

It was nearly three years ago that Mark Marino, Jeremy Douglass and Christy Dena started this blog. As we spoke about in our post for Reconstruction, Mark and Jeremy already knew each other in California, but Christy was in Australia, unaware of her blogmates-to-be. For two and a half years since WRT’s launch, we have […]

Helvetica, the film

The long-awaited (yes, seriously) film on the font (its more than that) Helvetica is out. The documentary created by Gary Hustwit, has been years in the making. It looks at both the positive and negative arguments around the popular font.

Some info about the font:
Helvetica was developed by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 for […]

The Electronic Literature Organization will be holding a conference called its “The Future of Electronic Literature,” a title which may seem to express the organization’s mission; however, recent initiatives, such as the Preservation, Archiving, Dissemination (PAD) project, have focused more on the preservation (ostensibly “the past”) of electronic literature. Surely “The Future of […]

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