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An upcoming issue on theories and practices of blogging requests submissions of papers/projects/manifestos by October 6, 2006 to guest editors Michael Benton and Lauren Elkin of the journal Reconstruction: studies in contemporary culture. From the CFP:

We are especially interested in the experiences, theories and perspectives of those who actually blog. We are looking for longer […]

The online hypermedia humor mag Bunk Magazine ( has published a new issue, iBunk, taking up an iTunes/iFilm/iNfinitum theme. To this end, the magazine has a spiffy new iLook and a host of iContent that suggests that its iEditor is done with his dissertation.
In this issue the content, you will find:

Celebrity Playlists (Sauron, Harry Potter, Thomas Jefferson, the […]

The latest Iowa Review Web issue out this July is “Reconfiguring Place and Space in New Media Writing.”
In it I interiew Nick Montfort on his interactive fiction work Book and Volume. In addition to discussing tropes and themes in the work we also talk about aspects of craft including goals, timed events, atmospheric descriptions, and […]

We’ve mentioned other examples of books that are remediated online, like the Wanted microsite comic with rich media games I posted about, Jeremy’s post about the Puma catalogue, and the Lycette Bros. work. Here are a couple of non-fiction remediated books to add to the mix:

NXTbook Media’s 2006 Streaming Media Sourcebook
NXTbook Media “optimize” print for […]

Behold: part of the dust jacket of Nick Montfort’s monograph on IF, “Twisty Little Passages,” as rendered by the HTML Convert.

Now, my question: is this ASCII art?

A good first answer would seem to be “yes and no,” and I’ll go ahead and indicate that using a similar technique to the one above:


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