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WRT Goes Mobile

Well, it had to be done. WRT is now available in a mobile- and PDA-friendly format. It can be viewed on any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA running a WML v1.x, xHTML Mobile Profile(WML v2.0) or i-mode compatible HTML (cHTML) browser. So now, wherever you are you can keep up-to-date with the […]

Text Art in Space

Want to put (text) art in space? Let us brainstorm.
The Arts Catalyst has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency to carry out a 6-month study into cultural utilisation of the International Space Station. According to the announcement:

Artists and cultural practitioners are being consulted on the features of the International Space […]

Studio Troika has developed the SMS Guerilla Projector - a portable projector with output wired to the screen display of a cellphone. SMS text messages sent to the cellphone appear on the projection, which can be used on walls, street signs, vehicles and pedestrians as a kind of graffiti ephemera.
While I was expecting the trailer […]

QR Code Blog is a blog whose text is both about and published as QR Code - a 2d barcode format which is becoming quite popular with the new generation of Japanese cameraphones. Like ROT13 (a simple letter substitution scheme which encodes “secrets” as “frpergf”) the effect on the blog isn’t so much encryption […]


‘Interactive stories’ are coming out on any platform, the latest one to surprise me are those created for iPod. ‘Kenoiyan’ has created a website, iStory Silver, to give iStory creators the opportunity for publication and ‘appreciation’. But what is an iStory?

An iStory is an interactive story game that can be played on an Apple iPod, […]

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