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IF in The Escapist

A recent issue of hip gaming magazine The Escapist is retro-themed, and comes with a substantial article called “Read Game - Heirs of Infocom, fans of interactive fiction still choose their own adventures” by Allen Varney (Issue 7, p12-18).
The article is geared towards newcomers to the contemporary IF scene, so most of the material is […]

Naked Images

Matt Siber is a photographer who strips images of their text and repositions them. ‘The Untitled Project’ was in 2003, but Siber has updated it with new images in 2004. The removal of the text from corporate signs is quite uncanny. I was surprised at how ‘quiet’ the images, the scenes, seemed when ‘text’ […]

Previously I wrote about using the recently open-sourced Quake code to create navigable text art, a concept I dubbed TextQuake. But it turns out that there have already been many TextQuakes, and there may be many more….
Textmode Quake is an ASCII art rendition of the Quake 3D engine graphics, playable in real time. As […]

Blam Art?

I’ve spoken about email spam before, but now there is a new blog dedicated to email spam. It is very funny, and provides an insight, ironically, into good email design. There are categories that you can follow: Best of Email; Crappy Email; Email Studies; Exclusive email; Lifestyle Email; No Email; Odd Email; Porn SPAM; […]

Blog User Stats

Jupiter Research have released a report: Content Technologies: Identifying Marketing Potential of Corporate Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS/XML Feeds. It is only available to clients so here are the highlights, from eweek:

* “In a June survey of some 4,000 Internet users, Jupiter found that over the past year, only 11 percent had read a blog monthly […]