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We’ve spoken a couple of times about┬áSPAM: the inspiring texts used in SPAM and how we read them differently to bots and another about a site that collects entertianing examples of email spam. Well, zefrank has a work called ‘request’ (2004) which is a dramatisation of a spam email. Very funny when the words are […]

Dave Miller emailed me late last year and I only just followed up by checking out his blog and thesis. He has created and researched networked narratives. You can find out about his works at his blog, where you can also get a copy of his Masters: ???When the Network Becomes An Author: […]

Blam Art?

I’ve spoken about email spam before, but now there is a new blog dedicated to email spam. It is very funny, and provides an insight, ironically, into good email design. There are categories that you can follow: Best of Email; Crappy Email; Email Studies; Exclusive email; Lifestyle Email; No Email; Odd Email; Porn SPAM; […]

I participated in the ‘group-read’ of the email story: Daughters of Freya. The ‘group read’ means that everyone starts receiving the emails at the same time, and discusses the work in a forum. The email story is delivered via email (just to be clear) over a period of 3 weeks. Not much effort there, you’d […]