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Richard Wallace, of Alicebot, has posted about Nicholas S. Roy’s iGod chatbot again. It appears that it is still very popular, being the most popular on Pandorabots for the last few weeks. Richard says it may even be the most popular chatbot in the world right now. He receives about five emails everyday from […]

The web is swamped with advergames at the moment as they are the new holiday season card. One advergame that has come out recently is season agnostic but has topped my list of great gifts: Entertainment Anytime (I’m calling it Taxi). The advergame, created by Organic for US telco Sprint is in the ilk of […]

This week, WRT’s Jeremy Douglass is in Copenhagen with all the kids at the international Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2005 conference. He will be presenting a paper on our collaborative outing which begins to layout the ideas behind Benchmark Fiction (benchfic).