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Ever since I could finally track reader’s paths through my longer works of electronic fiction, I have been reflecting on ways to motivate readers through my stories, especially when there’s some plot-level pay-off I have written in. On the one hand, it’s a very typical web (and writerly) dilemma: How to keep the eyes […]

Announcing three events on the Los Angeles horizon where mobile phones and migration collide, hosted at USC.

October 20-October 27, 2011
The LA Flood Project on Twitter
Thursday, October 27, 2011
The Mobile Voices of L.A.’s Immigrants
Harris Hall 101
Gin Wong Auditorium
Friday, October 28th, 2011
The Transborder Immigrant Tool: On the Download
SOS 250 12pm

The LA Flood Project (Oct. 20-27)

The LA Flood […]

3 words for your end-of-summer reading: “READY PLAYER ONE.”
From the 8-bit aesthetic of the novel’s cover (or at least the promotional copy) to a mention of Family Ties, Dead Man’s Party, and Galaga within the first 25 pages, “Fanboys” director Ernie Cline’s first novel is like a love letter to adolescent male geek culture of […]

By Rob Wittig and Mark Marino
[Cross-posted at Netpoetic]
On a recent trip to the University of Bergen, we had the opportunity to meet, discuss, and compare notes on some of our mutual interests in Internet art, specifically in a highly performative, “real-time,” spontaneous form of writing that seemed to run through our various projects. As […]

One of the occasional topics at WRT is the way in which digital environments are impacting the writing classroom. In an upcoming webinar, several scholars will be proposing a reconceptualization of composition as an Information Art.

Webinar: Teaching Writing as an Information Art
a webinar roundtable discussion
Feb. 28, 9am PST/12pm EST
50 minutes. Cost: FREE
Online or on […]

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