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Teaching Web 2.0

Over the past months we have posted various tools for teachers who are bringing electronic writing technologies into their classroom, including links for Pedagogy and Games and Computers and Composition. The question remains how to present these effectively without overwhelming the audience that might not already be immersed in emergent technologies? The context […]

Please enjoy my completed Ph.D. dissertation. Yes, this also marks my return to writing on WRT. Yes, it’s good to be back.

I’m pleased to announce that my Ph.D. dissertation: “Command Lines: Aesthetics and Technique in Interactive Fiction and New Media” is filed and available in final form. You can download Command Lines […]

This past week at the University of California, Irvine, all the members of Grand Text Auto descended on the Beall Center for an exhibition of their work and a symposium. How does a blog become an exhibit? Quite easily, as the artist/critics of that widely read blog presented works from their variegated repertoire.
Included […]

I attended and presented at my first Digital Arts and Culture conference at the perthDAC 2007 held 15-18 September (though I co-wrote a paper for the 2005 DAC). The 2007¬†programme is on the site, but the full proceedings will be available online soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my impressions/experience of […]

Communication Studies seems to be heading in the direction of hardware and software along the lines of software and console studies. Once recent study calls for more “advanced” games. Unfortunately, “advanced” seems best measured in pixels rather than story units. And so continues the negotiations between hard and soft sciences and the […]

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