Call for ARG Academics

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Needed: Academics who have investigated Alternate Reality Games

I’m writing a section on ARGs and Academia for the upcoming International Game Developers Association Alternate Reality Game Special Interest Group (IGDA?ARG SIG) whitepaper. I???m after approaches from all fields using all sorts of methodologies, and by researchers at different levels of candidacy or postdoctoral status. Since there are many investigations in development around the world I’m including unpublished insights and findings along with published ones.

For your information, here is part of the section abstract:

Alternate Reality Games have captured the imagination of players and academics from its beginning. Academics have analysed the form through comparative analysis with other arts types both contemporary and historical; have employed the aesthetics of ARGs as illustrations of cultural phenomena; have utilised ARGs to interrogate the nature of reality and fiction; utilised ARGs design for pedagogical applications and have also proposed reframings of methodologies in light of the unconventional form. Consistently, however, they have tried to understand the emergence of this form. Some of these academics are players, some are not. Some are independent scholars, some have made ARGs a subject of a PhD, the PhD or a post-doctoral investigation. Papers have been given at conferences, in journals and articles offered online. Their investigations into what an ARG is, the implications of the form on entertainment, the design of ARGs and the creative heritage of this form provide well researched and measured considerations that offer unique contributions for the benefit of players, designers, researchers, industry and media.

I have already contacted some academics around the world but I???m sure there are those I have overlooked in error and those I am not aware of. Either way, if you???re an academic who has investigated ARGs, in any capacity, I want to you to contact me! I’ll be gathering this information over the next month. Email Christy Dena at cdena @

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