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I attended and presented at my first Digital Arts and Culture conference at the perthDAC 2007 held 15-18 September (though I co-wrote a paper for the 2005 DAC). The 2007┬áprogramme is on the site, but the full proceedings will be available online soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of my impressions/experience of […]

[This post comes as the first of several provocations to spur a reexamination of the electronic literature scene. Unlike our usual mild posts, these posts Will Raise Temperatures on elit.]
With the first arguments for electronic writing as an artistic medium, as in literary hypertext, came the attendant claims at its democratic nature. In George […]

The world of chatbots still thrives today because of its user-creators. Whether made by kids who dream of making their computer talk even in print statements or adults who enjoy playing with programming toys, the chatbot is a means of evoking a conversation with your computer. Consequently, there may always be a market […]