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On the Polyphonic Method
A couple of months ago Micheal Benton approached us at Writer Response Theory to participate in the Reconstructions issue on blogging. We’re Really Thrilled about the idea — who wouldn’t want to blog about blogging?! But when the time came to write, we three researchers kept weaving in and out of approaches. Should we have a single voice? That is always a good approach, but a collaborative document isn’t written with a single voice in the first draft. It begins as a mixture of voices that synergise and become one (either with poetic ease or a crow-bar). We haven’t reached that chorus point yet. Don’t know if we ever will. And, to be frank, we like the idea of pulling back the curtain and revealing what a collaborative-text-in-formation looks like. Indeed, it is emblematic of our collaborative blogging at WRT.

So, why do we blog…together?

Dave Miller emailed me late last year and I only just followed up by checking out his blog and thesis. He has created and researched networked narratives. You can find out about his works at his blog, where you can also get a copy of his Masters: ???When the Network Becomes An Author: […]

While reading the blog of the code-artist mez (Mary-anne Breeze, a.k.a. net_wurker), I encountered her Web Statistics Poem Generator v.1, a blog entry which specifies a process resulting in a poem.
_Input:_ 3/9/05 key word entries
1 + 3 + 5 + 7
4 + 8 + 10
11 + 13 + 15
16 + 17 + 20
21 + 22 […]

For those of you who haven’t typed your favorite topic words and phrases into Google Print, I highly recommend it. Some search terms I tried included:

interactive fiction
hypertext fiction
electronic literature

Some results are, of course, better than others. “Electronic literature” is a bit hit-and-miss compared to eliterature, and “chatbot” results are quite thin. Still, when looking at […]

Google Pranks

As of now you can see a google prank:
> > 1- Go to
> >
> > 2- Type in “Failure”, without the quotes
> >
> > 3- Instead of hitting “Search” hit “I’m feeling Lucky”
> >
> > 4- See what comes up!
> >
> > 5- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it
It won’t […]

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