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We at WRT have been looking at the use of new technologies (specifically web applications) for storytelling for a while. In particular, here are some of the web technologies we’ve covered here: Diigo Fiction, Snap Fiction, Wiki Fiction, PYOP (pic-your-own-podventure), Google Maps and Earth. Despite all this flurry, it is very rare to find a simple app, or web app, […]

Helvetica, the film

The long-awaited (yes, seriously) film on the font (its more than that) Helvetica is out. The documentary created by Gary Hustwit, has been years in the making. It looks at both the positive and negative arguments around the popular font.

Some info about the font:
Helvetica was developed by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 for […]

A year ago, the immigration reform movement swept through city centers across the United States in an historic series of marches. Over a million workers and their families took to the streets. This year a second wave of marches has been planned (May Day 2007 aka The Great American Boycott II). Although media […]

Generating Web 2.0

[updated 4/29] Web 2.0 may be one of a kind, but its applications are starting to look rather similar. Sign up for [catchy web20 ap name] a service that lets you [add tags], [share those tags], and [store tags] on the web. Here’s [another catchy name with an R at the […]

The Electronic Literature Organization will be holding a conference called its “The Future of Electronic Literature,” a title which may seem to express the organization’s mission; however, recent initiatives, such as the Preservation, Archiving, Dissemination (PAD) project, have focused more on the preservation (ostensibly “the past”) of electronic literature. Surely “The Future of […]