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cent milles milliards de poèmes
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In Raymond Queneau’s combinatoric sonnet, “Cent milles milliards de poèmes,” 10 sonnets of 14 lines each are cut in strips. By selecting strips the reader can create 10^14 recombinations, which, as the title says, is 100,000,000,000,000 possible poems. But one can arrive at 10^14 poems by many […]

Designing Story DNA

For those who follow the comments threads of this blog, you’ll know that Richard Wallace posted about “territories of language” and the visualisation of Alice’s brain. The various images display the categories of the Alicebot brain (the AIML) according to the amount of categories, how the patterns are linked, the same word start points and […]

Dave Miller emailed me late last year and I only just followed up by checking out his blog and thesis. He has created and researched networked narratives. You can find out about his works at his blog, where you can also get a copy of his Masters: ???When the Network Becomes An Author: […]

The web is swamped with advergames at the moment as they are the new holiday season card. One advergame that has come out recently is season agnostic but has topped my list of great gifts: Entertainment Anytime (I’m calling it Taxi). The advergame, created by Organic for US telco Sprint is in the ilk of […]

While reading the blog of the code-artist mez (Mary-anne Breeze, a.k.a. net_wurker), I encountered her Web Statistics Poem Generator v.1, a blog entry which specifies a process resulting in a poem.
_Input:_ 3/9/05 key word entries
1 + 3 + 5 + 7
4 + 8 + 10
11 + 13 + 15
16 + 17 + 20
21 + 22 […]

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