Words Made Of Books

A friend sent me to this amaztype site by Keita Kitamura and Yugo Nakamura. The site will build a word out of book jackets of texts that use that word in their titles. This strikes me as an artful way to recycle

all of those unsold books. Unlike ASCII Art, the basic depictive elements here are books, larger semiotic objects now marketed and distributed through a searchable database. Further, the images of the covers be come links to amazon pages that sell the book. If words circulate like currency or products, here are commercial products becoming the pixels of language, as words become signifiers of potential purchases, signs of desire. Is this a lesson in ecommerce semiotics, language produced by texts? Is this the depiction of the infinite loop by which language is the product of language? Are these words Barthesian “works” made out of texts?

In any case, apparently only one text addresses how to

remediate(This is not what you’re thinking) Also, no doubt many of these books have already ended up on the remaindershelves. Let me invite you now to create your own and share.

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  1. 1 Art Marino

    Wonderful riff inspired by the “Recycle” art. Sorry I don’t know what “Barthesian” means but it sounds impressive.

    Kudos to Mark.

  2. 2 Jeremy Douglass

    I really enjoyed your “remediate” slippage - like most search-art (is that a term in common circulation? I can think of many examples, maybe we should make that a series), the shape of the project is defined by the edge cases - where it breaks our expectations by text is more interesting for the books that it includes that you don’t expect, or books that it doesn’t include that you do expect. “Harry Potter” has some gardening books thrown in….

    Of course, sometimes we as readers know there is not going to be a match, but we want the echo effect of the search results anyway - we want to see our name in lights. I resisted “Jeremy” - but I couldn’t resist writing “WRT”, “Writer Response Theory”, and finally (when those failed), each word separately:




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