WRT Goes Mobile

WRT mobile phone view Well, it had to be done. WRT is now available in a mobile- and PDA-friendly format. It can be viewed on any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA running a WML v1.x, xHTML Mobile Profile(WML v2.0) or i-mode compatible HTML (cHTML) browser. So now, wherever you are you can keep up-to-date with the latest discussion on Text Art. ;) Here are the instructions on how to get to our blog through your mobile and PDA:

Launch your mobile Web Browser and enter the URL “winksite.com”. Once at WINKsite, click “Direct Access”, then enter the WINKsite ID for the site you wish to visit. The WINKsite ID for “WriterResponseTheory” is #9433.

Do do this I’ve utilised an excellent site called WINKsite. This resource formats your own site and directs WINKsite users to your content. They provide access to other moblogged blogs, like Boing Boing; fiction (repurposed from other sources or created for the site), like David Wellington’s Monster Island; and nonfiction, like Lawrence Lessig’s ‘Free Culture’. When you sign up (for free) you can build 3 sites. I just needed to enter the RSS feed for our blog to have it reformated, but you can create a blog or any content yourself for single-channel viewing on the mobile.

Like the cool iStory Silver software for creating iPod stories this resource is another avenue for storytelling that I encourage others to have a crack at creating and letting us know here. If you don’t have such mobile and PDA web-access you can view the mobile versions on the WINKsite emulator. Check out WRT Mobile: WINKsite.

2 Responses to “WRT Goes Mobile”

  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    Wonderful work, Christy - I already tried browsing it via the emulator and it works great.

    I’ll add the info to our Remote Accounts page. Now I need to get off my butt and write this post for our LJ feed….

  2. 2 David Harper

    Send me an email and I’ll return the code to pop open the emulator in the right size window. Let me know if I can help in any way. Cheers, Dave Harper - Founder, WINKsite

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