New Textable Interfaces

Periodically (and usually while reading we-make-money-not-art) I encounter interface technologies and techniques which would be the perfect medium for a new kind of writing. But what? The literature is implicit - there is none, yet - and so encountering the interface becomes an occasion for idle musings on art concepts.

Still - here they are, a recent roundup:

  • Aegis Hyposurface is an articulated metal surface that contours to display information (via pneumatics)

  • TileToy uses LED blocks which change and communicate based on their configuration
  • Memorylane and Okitegami are two fun concepts by different teams - Memorylane is a tablet/screen interface for writing on digital photos (which are then exchanged), while Okitegami (by a different group) transmits email between physical epaper and tablet display and composition devices

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