Announcing: WRT Reloaded

Writer Response Theory is happy to unveil our recent renovations: a new look and a new url.

While our generous hosts at UC Riverside will continue forwarding old links for a while (thank you!), we’d like to ask at this time that you please take a moment to update your bookmarks, feed subscriptions, and your blogrolls….


…done? Great! Now sit back and watch as we go over the safety features of this 747… er, website:

The new look combines the WRT blog, wiki and courseware websites into several tabs on one delicious homepage. The blog homepage now has more elbow-room, and includes a very verbose Bookmarks linkblog, as well as sidebar of tag-clouds piled high with mounds of metadata. You may also want to check out overhead the tab for Projects, a collection area for new undertakings we are endlessly stumbling upon. We’ll announce goings on over in the wiki (mediawiki) and the courseware (moodle) tabs soon.

For the curious, this blog’s new visual theme is our customization
of Bharath Kumar’s 3 Column fork (”3K2″)
of Michael Heilemann and Chris J. Davis’s sequel (”K2″)
of the ubiquitous blog theme Kubrick.

…Kubrick was also our original theme. So, in a sense, this move is evolutionary, and as much a renovation as it is a relocation. Please pardon our mess and watch your head - we’ll be settled in very soon.

On a more personal note, this has been a time of big changes at WRT, with Christy swamped by a score of projects, Jeremy having recently become engaged (!), and Mark having just earned his Ph.D. (!!). A lot of things are changing, but we are still enjoying what we do.

Have a great summer - best wishes, from all of us to you.

5 Responses to “Announcing: WRT Reloaded”

  1. 1 Christy Dena

    Yay! Funny how you leave the news about your engagement and Mark graduation snuggled right at the end! IT IS SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I’m so proud to be working with and to know you guys. Christy :)

  2. 2 andrew stern

    yes, congrats on all the good news!

    GTxA has its blogroll updated with your new URL.

  3. 3 JM

    wow, congrats Jeremy on the engagement and Mark on the PhD!

  4. 4 Mark Marino

    congratulations, Jeremy *and happy birthday* Thanks, everyone. It’s been a long road. Onwards!

  5. 5 Jason

    Jeremy - congratulations on your engagement! –JR

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