The Art Space in Virtual Worlds

CubesMy latest articles in SLATE Magazine explore the notion of the art space in virtual worlds. In part one I analyse how some spaces are remediations of the real world and then in part two I pose ideas about what would be the ‘white cube’ equivalent (the ideal environment to experience art) in a virtual world. I’ve opened up a forum thread at the end so anyone can add their own thoughts. In this 2nd issue of SLATE are reviews of art festivals and galleries in SL, an interesting article about a theatre production in SL by Anya Ixchel (Angela Thomas in RL) the editor of SLATE, and the second installment of the backbacker’s guide to SL: Sim Trekker. I love the idea of the last one: getting around SL on a budget! Anyway, there is plenty more: talk about the notion of identity in SL, relationships, science fiction and so on. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “The Art Space in Virtual Worlds”

  1. 1 Jo

    Hi Christy,

    We invited Ars Virtua ( to curate an exhibition of Turbulence works–art made specifically for the internet–for their SL gallery. This show presents the first, dare I say, instance of digital works made for computer screen viewing at home being exhibited in a virtual gallery. I hope you’ll find it interesting.


  2. 2 Christy Dena

    Hello Jo,
    That is great. To be frank though, I honestly don’t see how this could be the first when there is so much digital art that is put into SL by artists who haven’t exhibited in other places. Who knows though?

    I love Ars Virtua. I really enjoy their exhibitions and so will definately check out yours. Good use of the Turbulence archive.

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