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(dis)junctions 2005: theory reloaded was University of California, Riverside’s Twelfth Annual Humanities Conference.

Mark Marino helped organize a set of panels related to the global_interface Mellon Workshops, and I attended to give my paper on the critical approach of “Implied Code” - if only Christy Dena had been there we’d have had the all three letters of WRT (don’t ask us who is which letter). In fact, Christy’s cross-media story, “The Villager and the Teenbot,” was featured in the electronic gallery!

Perhaps because Mark helped to organize, this general humanities conference was particularly rewarding for digital and new media types, with one or two panels in the subfield during almost every timeslot. I know that this can’t be representative of the proportion of upcoming new media scholars in the humanities, but for two days I felt surrounded by family. Although I’m running a bit late in internet time for writing up my notes from the panels I attended, I’ll be writing up a session at a time as I can, and I hope they are useful. Perhaps Mark will pitch in with his observations from either the Susan Kozel talk on Saturday or pieces from the CINtax Film Festival.

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  1. 1 Mark Marino

    Historically, the (dis)junctions conference is particularly interdisciplinary, but there are definitely a growing number of New Media folks at UCR who put out CFPs for like-minded folks. I will certainly help post about the panels I saw as well as the electronic gallery and invite those who attended to join the discussion with us.

  2. 2 Jeremy Douglass

    Thanks Mark - I know we’ve both got a lot going on, so we can pace it out over the next week or so. I’m going to be doing panels or occassionally papers as separate posts to break it all up - maybe we could even use the conference directory and contact some of the presenters for comment…?

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