Blam Art?

\'SPURM\' from Email Days I’ve spoken about email spam before, but now there is a new blog dedicated to email spam. It is very funny, and provides an insight, ironically, into good email design. There are categories that you can follow: Best of Email; Crappy Email; Email Studies; Exclusive email; Lifestyle Email; No Email; Odd Email; Porn SPAM; Religious Email; Worst of Email. The catch/the angle/the irony: the blog is run by an email marketing company. Clever, I think.

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  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    Regarding the various blog / spam terms, it occurred to me the other day that we now have two major variations:

    “blam” or blog-spam, a.k.a. comment spam - individual spams attached to blog entries

    “splogs” or spam-blogs - entire blogs created for the purpose of generating search result and trackback spam

    I was really fond of the term “smog” but it doesn’t appear to be taking off. Perhaps as a description of spam-blog search results?

    …of course, that leaves out blogs-discussing-spam, like Email Days… also blog-art-imitating-spam, etc….


  2. 2 Christy Dena

    I do like ’smog’ when I know it is a portmandeu, but it also could be read as ’smog’ as in weather. So I think the ambiguity cancels it out as a viable descriptor…

  3. 3 Jeremy Douglass

    Well, “blam” is also an onomatopoeia, so likewise ambiguous. And the ambiguity is part of the appeal - after all, “spam” refers to a brand of tinned meat….

  4. 4 Christy Dena

    So true! I don’t think there are any organised spam/blam/smog art events that use any of those terms just yet. Hmm…have to wait for the virus to spread!

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